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What is Compression

Designed to apply pressure to the legs, and ankles, compression socks, stocking, hosiery, leggings and leg or arm sleeves are garments to help circulatory wellness to help reduce symptoms such as edema/swelling, fatigue, varicose veins and more.

Compression Levels

There are four compression levels, which are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The higher the numbers, the more compression.

10-15 mmHg: Gentle compression. Great for everyday preventative support. Safe for people with diabetes, too.

15-20 mmHg: Moderate Compression Helps Minimize Swelling and Relieve Tired, Achy Legs

20-30 mmHg: Firm compression. Recommended during and after pregnancy and following vein ligation procedures.

30-40 mmHg: Extra firm compression. Typically used by physician recommendation.

About Dr.Comfort Socks

You’ll discover a wide range of compression socks designed for those living with diabetes, edema, neuropathy, circulation issues or other foot health concerns. In fact, we offer solutions for your specific needs in a variety of styles, from no-show to over-the-calf socks—and come in an array of colors.
Our goal is to help make life easier living with diabetes and other foot health issues.